Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sneak Peek

Well hunters here is a sneaky peek at 3 of the wonderful things you can get in the up coming JFTG hunt.

Vogue have kindly decided to give out some very summery hot looking Bermuda Shorts. Perfect for when summer comes around.

Mire have kindly donated this wonderful Victorian looking outfit so you can look dapper over the christmas period. (Pocket Watch and Shoes not included)

MF Fashion have brought to SL the iconic "Raven" character. Included in this pack is everything down to the skin, hair and eyes. A must have for any fan.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Hunt Vendor Application

Store Name:
Contact Name:

Gift you propose to give away: (I am aware that this is early and you may not have thought about it yet.)

Please fill out and return to Josephine Winslet for review.

JFTG Hunt. is Back...

What the Hunt is about: This hunt is all about the guys. Gifts need to be male oriented.

When? The hunt is scheduled for January 3rd through the 31st. The deadline for vendor sign up is December 21st. This will allow time for the vendor list to be compiled and the order to be assigned. The AD Board will be sent as soon as it's ready, which should be around November 20th. The hunt objects themselves would be delivered to you as soon as they are ready and the Landmarks delivered when the list of vendors is complete. You may hide your objects any time after midnight SLT the day before.

Why participate? This is a chance for stores and clubs catering to the male residents to get their names out there. A hunt will increase traffic to your store/sim/club, build your client base, and get your name out. Let’s face it, most men wont shop - they’ll either use search or follow the recommendation of a female on where to go. The JFTG Hunt group currently has 800+ members who are anxiously awaiting another hunt.

What will be provided by Organizers: I will provide you, the vendor, with as much help as I can. If I cant help you, I will find someone who can. You will also be provided with the object that the hunters will be hunting for. The gift box is a fedora, those of you who sell hats, can be extra evil in hiding this object. Enjoy that! :) Also, You will receive the traditional “Hunt Here” Signage for your location. New for this go round: JFTG Has an official website that will work in conjuction with the blog for hints.

Troubleshooting - If all goes as planned, you will be bothered very little by hunters (I would hope not at all, but there are some that will feel the need to contact you. I’m striving to cut them off at the pass.) There are two groups for the hunt - one for Vendors, one for Hunters. This will keep you from getting the group chatter once the hunt starts and keeps any vendor issues from being seen by others. If you choose to relocate your object once the hunt as started, I ask that you leave me an offline of a new hint, or tell me where it is and I’ll come up with a hint for it.

If this is something you’re interested in, please fill out the attached application below and return it to me. I’d love to add you to our list of vendors for the hunt! If it isn’t but you know someone who may be interested in participating as a vendor, please pass them this card, or give them my name. This is not affiliated with any other hunt you may have received a notecard for.

Thanks for your time,
Josephine Winslet