Friday, 8 January 2010

Bikini Day @ Store 26

Well me and the Jojo have been working our butts off to keep everything going for you guys and gals so we decided to let off a little steam and have a Bikini day. HURRAH i hear you cry. Jojos lovely friend Abriel came to watch us dance ( dirty boy), then Darvoid decided to try find us. He finally located us, stripped down too and had a jolly good sexy dance with us.
After SL decided to let him teleport we were joined by THEE hunt bitch.. Peebo :)


(From left to right - Jojo, Abriel, Mally, Darvoid)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hints and SLURLS

001 : When I said to hang up your hat, I didnt mean to throw it up that high.
002 : If you are looking for privacy, this rose will hide you.
003 : Only the third stop and I'm worn out already. I better have a seat and take a rest.
004 : Don't be such a bitch
005 : You're such a basketcase.
006 : He's thinking with the wrong head.
007 : [Rising Silks] This hat is downright EVIL!
008 : Have a seat.
009 : With it's own kind.
010 : Head to the store for men - where eveything is just one buck, make sure you lookk UP if you're getting stuck!
011 : Head up to the second floor, and a hint you'll need no more. (Moves often)
012 : I'm getting a message from beyond, its a SIGN from the other side... it is saying Big Sectional?
013 : It looks better on a real model.
014 : Reach for the finish line
015 : This is so illuminating, I see clearly now.
016 : Don't let a DUMMY fool you, hes feeling formal. Im glossy, LOOK UP!
017 : If you explore every floor, you'll have no issues finding the fedora.
018 : Find the glassy skull (not a literal skull).
019 : This fedora will tickle your funny bone.
020 : It's worth the climb.
021 : I'm actually fit to be tied!
022 : Climb your way to the TOP, dont forget your HAT.
023 : Be sure to wash your undies.
024 : Go Ravens!! It's our lucky day!
025 : He must have dropped his fedora when he was checking out the mens dept.
026 : It's definitely FOR HIM.
027 : Does the Devil cry?
028 : Gifting is always a good idea.
029 : The brim got too hot, so i had to move a little farther from the fire. That's what I get for misbehaving.
030 : Stop and listen to the music.
031 : Plants need love too you trailer trash!
032 : We all need a little tail. Keep spikes on yours to keep the unwanted touches away!
033 : I hung up the fedora as I was trying on the jackets. Oops!
034 : It's been shelved.
035 : Everyone loves gifts, grab a few of these when you get your fedora.
036 : Easy as 1-2-3
037 : If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.
038 : This hat needs to put it's secretarial skills to work.
039 : Golden Pyramid.
040 : It's Midnight, look up to the stars.
041 : Use the arc to triumph!
042 : Stargazing.
043 : Dont forget to vote.
044 : You might want to turn off "basic shaders", but it is rather illuminating.
045 : Has been put on a pedestal.
046 : No hint needed.
047 : (When landing wait to rezz continue to walk straight you will see the hunt sign and a few other hunt signs...only place here that does a hunt ) Go to Hades
048 : Moves often, spank the hint giver in store for help
049: Caught between wood and a glass place (PLEASE WAIT FOR REZ)
050 : Head East and seek Asylum. Dr, Praetorius has a lovely padded room all ready for you.
051 : Grab a beer from the kegs, but be sure to check the nooks.
052 : I am not dressed thats why I am hidden, find the secret dressing room for you gift to be given.
053 : This one ought to warm you up!
>054 : Store is gone [Skip to 55]
055 : A place for your coffee or your magazine.
056 : What store are we in again?
057 : Catch it coming and going.
058 : We had it all.. just like Bogey and Bacall..
059 : Hey, Mikey!!
060 : Hm, You'll need a much bigger hat to cover THAT hair.
061 : It's been eyed.
062 : Where can it be? Oh what a mysteria!
063 : On Display.
064 : Nice Rack
065 : Ask Angelo for help.
066 : Hope you brought a friend with you, or a COUPLE of friends.
067 : I've decided to go tribal for my ink.
068 : Turn me on to light your way.
069 : Steam(punk) your suit before wearing it.
070 : That hat looks cool on daddy.
071 : I lost my fedora while I was taking care of the spiderwebs. :(
072 : Yellow glow will guide the way.
073 : I'm all set for my picture now, I got my hat.
074 : The age old question... Black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
075 : T shirts, T shirts and T shirts...Oh my!
076 : No hint - fedora moves everyday.
077 : Get as far from the front door as possible (there's more than one floor.)
078 : Via Heromart, Don't get Clobbered from Behind
079 : Finding this fedora will sure brighten your day.
080 : Paid the rent?
081 : Beep beep, grab a cab to rest your feet
082 : No hint due to store owner request.
083 : Strike a pose.
085 : Big store, after going for a spin, have a seat and put your feet up.
086 : (Paddy's Mainstore contains the fedora for the Hunk Factory) Watch your head.
087 :No hint due to store owner request.
088 : It's a SIGN, keep an eye on it.
089 : Watch your head.
090 : The fedora is not hard to see, it is where a rock meets a tree.
091 : Red team or blue team?
092 : Stop being so obtuse and look right toward the ocean.